Sydney Back

Harvest pickings have come to a close at Backsberg, and while we experienced a late start due to cooler weather and unusual summer rains, it was a fast and speedy finish at the end.

Going into our 106th year of Backsberg wine-making history, Vintage 2022 saw us introducing a lot of interesting new vineyards, rooted in special soil, which promised an incredibly diverse amount of terroir to choose from.

The first grape variety of the season was a Pinotage which resulted in the Pinotage Rosé and Pinotage being made ahead of our Sauvignon Blanc.

However, after a bumper Harvest season, a phenomenal team, and high spirits from all of the fun and antics this season had to offer, we have no doubt that it’s sure to produce an exceptional range of Backsberg wine, complete with developed flavours, exciting aromatics and exceptional quality.

“The best part of Harvest is, it sounds like just six weeks – for us it very long – it’s also very special and the relationships you form and hold after that period of time are quite intense. You get to know people in a complete other way,” from Alicia Rechner, Backsberg Winemaker of nearly 20 years.

Watch our video for a fuller narrative on this season’s Harvest and let’s raise a glass to Vintage 2022.


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